Bytes2you.Validation – New Version Released (

With this post I want to share with you that a new version of Bytes2you.Validation library was just released.The release notes are as follows:

– Converted from ClassLibrary to PortableLibrary. Now it supports .NET Framework 4 and higher; Silverlight 4 and higher; Windows Phone 7 and higher; .NET for Windows Store apps; Xbox 360.
– Refactored the validation messages. Now every value is surrounded by <> for better readability.
– Introduced IsInstanceOfType() & IsNotInstanceOfType methods.
– Introduced IsNull() & IsNotNull() for Nullable<T> types.
– IntelliSense improvements. The members of IArgument<T> and IValidatableArgument<T> are now hidden from the editor.
– Added special float predicates – Infinity, NegativeInfinity, PositiveInfinity, NaN.
– Added special double predicates – Infinity, NegativeInfinity, PositiveInfinity, NaN.
– Better support for byte and short (no need to cast).

You can find the latest nuget here and the source code here.